About Jon

Jon, along with his wife Britni are the founders of 2020 Fitness. Prior to 2020 Fitness, Jon had various professions including professional ski instructor and Ironman triathlete coach. However, his time spent within the IT Consulting practice of Accenture, while training clients on the side, allowed him to experience first hand the impact that corporate living and a busy lifestyle has on our bodies. To combat this, Jon found himself CrossFitting to not only get in shape, but to also enhance body mechanics that are hindered by spending hours sitting in front of a computer screen.

Fast forward 5 years and Jon has over 7,000 hours of training sessions at 2020 Fitness. In an effort to reach others outside 2020 Fitness, Jon created Being 2020 as a program to help reach those whose schedules aren't conducive to a daily workout and to those who want to learn how to move properly so that when they do have time to train, they are doing it effectively. Through his passion for keeping clients not only injury free, but also plateau free, Being 2020 will help give you the tools you need to become a better version of yourself.

Jeremy is the head coach at 2020 Fitness, who's responsibilities include training the coaching staff and providing programming the entire gym follows. Jeremy is a veteran of the US Navy and brings an incredible work ethic and integrity to the team at 2020. He knows first hand what 5 minutes per day of physical activity can do to improve people's lives and is excited to help take Being 2020 to the next level, spreading the gift of fitness. 

He is the father of now two boys and somehow finds time to keep himself in tip top physical shape - providing motivation to the rest of us. 

About Jeremy

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